In the late 50's, as a fledgling piano technician I observed what I perceived to be a void in the piano industry.  There was a need for competition in the area of piano key recovery.  There was a need for higher more consistent quality with cost and service integral aspects. 

The name
Rochester Piano Key" was chosen for several reasons not the least of which was pride in our city of business but also because it gave us some identity with the famous Aeolian American piano factory in East Rochester N.Y. truly all piano people could relate to Mason Hamlin, Chickering, Knabe et al. 

Breaking into the industry was at first difficult. I had to show that we were different and that our product was as advertised and that technically we knew our business.  Many rounds of direct mail ads, backed up by hundreds of cold calls on technicians and piano stores got the business off the ground. 

Years of attending P.T.G. conventions and technical seminars around the country put the "Icing on the cake".  Once technicians and piano stores tried our service we would have a repeat customer. 

Diligent to quality, service and cost we have continued to serve the trade for over 40 years.

 Bob Byrnes