Frequently asked questions and Answers by Rochester Piano Keys  and thier Customers 

Q Is there anything I should do to prepare my keys before shipping?
A Before you remove them from the key frame, be sure to number them by the capstan screw.  The original number stampings can be difficult to read and are often removed during the recovery process
Q Will I have to make an adjustment for the change in height of my keys?
A No, because our material is generally thicker than the original covering we remove enough wood from the key to maintain its original dimension. You will still have to do your normal leveling however.
Q When I ship them to you do I just throw them in a box? 
A No, wrap them in groups of 10 and 11 filling around them with newspaper or packing material.
Q I am a first time customer, will I be given a credit account automatically?
A No, on your first set you should enclose a check along with a list of references. We will then establish an account for you.
Q Do you do organ keys as well?
A Yes they are the same price as piano keys.
Q I have a shipping case that I like to use.  Why do you charge me extra for it?
A Sorry, but UPS adds on an additional charge for any container other than cardboard.
Q: I've noticed that there are letters on the tails of plastic and they do not always correspond to the note.
A That's true. The process we use is dependent on the shape of the keyboard. Since all the keyboards were not cut to the same dimensions, this method assures us of a custom fit for each key
Q Your advertising states that you pay for shipping. Does this include insurance?
A No, we will ship them back to you within 3 working days of receiving them.  We have no control over shipping time.