How can I remove a scratch from a piano key?
Removing minor scratches from a variety of causes can be handled with products from the corner hardware store.

Carefully sand the scratch and the area around the scratch (this is so you won't get a dished effect) with 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper.

When the scratch has all but disappeared continue to sand the affected area with 600-800 wet or dry until the scratch has disappeared.

Use automotive rubbing compound to remove the marks left by the sandpaper.

In home success rate 80%
Is it safe to place a piano against an outside wall?
What is now an "old wives tale" had it's start and limited validity in very old homes that had no insulation, no central heat and thus great transfer of heat and humidity through the walls. That is almost never the case today
Tip on placement of a piano.
Never place a piano over a hot air register or with it's back to any heat source. This will dry the wood and glue in the piano leading to loose glue joints and considerable tuning instability
The best tip on moving your own piano is DON'T!
It's a job best left to the experts. Serious injury may come to the well meaning amateur and costly structural damage to the instrument.
We rarely play our piano, must we still have it tuned?
How frequently the piano is played is only a small part of the equation that determines tuning frequency. Your instrument is an expensive item and it is best protected by keeping an established tuning schedule with your tuner-technician.
Is it ok to use furniture polish on my piano?
Never use furniture polish on your piano. The finish on the piano will protect the wood and give you the shine you desire without it. Furniture polish will give your piano a greasy or oily look and feel. All you need to use is a damp clothe followed by a dry one.
Is it ok to put pictures and ornaments on my piano?
To avoid annoying buzzes, put your photos on a table, not on the piano lid.
What if I drop a pencil or other object in my piano?
If you lose your favorite pencil in the piano, have your tuner remove it the next time they come out. Its cheaper than the cost of repairing any damage you may inadvertently cause.